Honorary Membership

A vote by the Executive Committee once each year, normally the first Committee meeting after the Change Of Watch (COW). Is usually awarded to a surviving spouse who is not a member, but who has been active in the Squadron. The Honorary Membership is usually only done for one or two years after the death of a spouse. This does not require any expense to PBSPS other than the cost of the LOG each month. This membership does not hold any regular membership or voting rights.

Death of a Poverty Bay Member

The Commander needs to notify the USPS Ensign for the 'Last Horizon.' Information. The address can be found in the Ensign. The squadron makes a $100.00 donation to the Squadron's Legacy Fund in memory of the member as well as providing an opportunity for members to make donations at a subsequent dinner meeting. See the Legacy Fund remembrance procedure for the processes used regarding Squadron memorial donations.

Change of Watch

The COW is the responsibility of the incoming Commander. The location, menu, and entertainment are at their discretion and the committee appointed to help with the event. Arrangements for the location should be made well in advance.

Selection of Charities for Donations/Gifts

See our Charitable Contributions Policy for the necessary Executive Committee approval for all charitable gifts given in the name of Poverty Bay.


  • Life Member:
  • Poverty Bay will pay the District 16 dues and the $1.00 for the USPS Education Fund for all Life Members of Poverty Bay.
  • Active New Member Award:
  • At the discretion of the Executive Committee, an annual award can be given to a new member who has exhibited outstanding involvement in the squadron during their first year of membership.
  • Educator of the Year:
  • At the discretion of the Executive Committee, an annual award can be given to any member who has exhibited outstanding involvement in the Education Department during the year.
  • Duane Quande Friendship Award:
  • The intent of this award is to recognize PBSPS members who distinguish themselves by rendering outstanding assistance to others in accordance with the USPS Pledge.
  • For the selection criteria and award process, see this Selection Criteria.
  • For the procedure for adding names to the plaque, see this Adding Names.