Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations on passing the United States Power Squadrons' Boating Course exam and joining POVERTY BAY SAIL and POWER SQUADRON.

Please accept our invitation to enjoy your first dinner on us by printing our dinner coupon and following the directions as printed thereon.

⋘ ★★★ The Squadron has a three-part mission: Fellowship, Boating Education, and Civic Service. ★★★ ⋙

Membership gives you opportunities to foster fraternal and social relationships with others interested in boating. Our educational program strives to promote a high level of seamanship in handling power and sail boats. Advanced courses from seamanship through advanced ocean navigation are available to help build your skills.

We enjoy many activities throughout the year and look forward to sharing them with you. Learn more by visiting our Activities page.

Some helpful orientation:

★ ⋙ WHO'S WHO: Poverty Bay Sail and Power Squadron is managed by a "Bridge" of officers elected by, and responsible to, the membership.

The Executive Committee handles routine Squadron business. The Executive Committee consists of the Commander, other elected members of the bridge, the immediate past commander and three members elected from the general membership. Their names are listed in the Squadron Roster and in the SQUADRON NEWSLETTER “The Pirate's Log”. The Executive Committee meets the third Thursday of each month. Committee meetings are open to all members.

The officers are assisted in their duties by committee chairs who carry out the programs, functions and activities of the Squadron. Each elected officer is responsible for several functions and is an ex-officio member of each committee in his/her department. The officer/committee list is found in the Roster.

★ ⋙ RANK: What is it? Who has it? Rank is the Squadron's way of recognizing the commitment of our volunteer leaders. The elected bridge officers, other than the Commander and assistant officers, have the rank of Lieutenant Commander (Lt/C). The elected assistant officers have the rank of First Lieutenant (1/Lt). Appointed officers have the rank of Lieutenant (Lt).

★ ⋙ GRADE: Advanced Education courses completed. When you successfully complete educational courses in Boat Handling (formerly Seamanship), Marine Navigation (formerly Piloting), Advanced Marine Navigation (formerly Advanced Piloting), Offshore Navigation (formerly Junior Navigation), and Celestial Navigation (formerly Navigation), a letter grade is suffixed to your name in printed materials. For example, once you have successfully completed Seamanship YOUR NAME, S is used. If you then successfully complete Piloting it changes to YOUR NAME, P, etc. If you successfully complete ALL 11 USPS courses, 5 advanced and 6 electives, it becomes YOUR NAME, SN for Senior Navigator.

★ ⋙ MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS: Each new member is assigned a membership number (known as certificate number) by USPS. The number appears on the membership certificate as well as on the membership card issued to each new member. It is necessary to have the membership number available when enrolling in educational courses.

★ ⋙ PIN: Along with your membership number, you are assigned a PIN that you'll receive with your membership card. Use of your PIN, along with your certificate number, is required to access the member only areas of the HQ Website. Save your PIN for later use.

★ ⋙ MERIT MARKS: This is a yearly recognition of you from your Squadron and USPS for your participation in activities. Earning a Merit Mark is based on your cumulative efforts on Squadron committees and activities over a year's time. One Merit Mark may be earned each year. Read the Merit Mark Criteria to learn more.

★ ⋙ IT MAKES SENSE TO GET INVOLVED IN OUR BOATING EDUCATION! That's the reason you joined the Squadron --- to learn more about boats and boating. Marine education is the very top USPS priority. The best way to learn more about boating is to take USPS courses. Some courses are designed to be taken in a prescribed sequence, while others are elective and can be taken whenever offered. One of the best ways to keep your new boating education fresh and current is to teach what you have learned to others. View the education schedule by following the Education link from our home page and sign up!

Again, congratulations on becoming a member of Poverty Bay Sail and Power Squadron. We look forward to a long, mutually rewarding association, and to your help and participation in keeping our Squadron a strong and dynamic one.