Each scheduled rendezvous has Squadron funds available to cover rendezvous expenses. This money is to help with the cost of such items as: Food (but not alcohol as not everyone drinks), Games & Prizes, and Activities.

If the rendezvous is scheduled at a marina where there may be a rental expense for a shelter, tent, or heaters, then this expense will be covered separately. The Squadron makes funds available up to the amount of $15.00 per participating boat (i.e. 20 boats equals $300.00).

The Squadron Rendezvous Committee will have previously reserved the marina for each scheduled rendezvous. You will need to contact the marina to see if there is a reservation fee and to confirm the correct number of slips are reserved for Poverty Bay and adjust if necessary (the rendezvous committee person can give you marina telephone numbers and tell you if a reservation fee was paid during a previous rendezvous). Members of the Squadron have first choice to the reserved slips and guest boats will only be allowed to use those slips if no other member is using them. Some marinas have only a certain number of slips available to be reserved during holiday weekends and they also go to members first.

As the Rendezvous Host(s), you can do as much or as little as you want for a rendezvous. A few things you need to follow are:

  1. Two months prior to the actual rendezvous, write an article for the Pirates Log introducing the rendezvous and how members can sign up.
    1. Where the rendezvous is going to take place and the inclusive dates.
    2. That you will be monitoring VHF channel (68) for assistance in boat docking.
    3. A contact person, if a member has questions regarding the rendezvous.
    4. List the food necessary for members to bring for pot-lucks, hors d' oeuvres, etc.
    5. What activities are planned. An agenda e-mailed to each participating boat.
  2. Several weeks in advance, create a sign-up sheet and keep a list of the name and length of all boats attending the rendezvous along with names and number of adults and kids and when they plan to arrive. It's good info for you and the marina may require it in advance. The marina may also require a reservation deposit. Contact the Squadron treasurer for authorization to pay this fee and collect the fee from each boat during the rendezvous (i.e. $5.00). If the first night's moorage is required in advance, each participating boat owner needs to be told to contact the marina and make payment individually. You should provide the telephone number for them to call.
  3. The following might be some of the things you will need to do or assign to others:
    1. Buying the food.
    2. Organizing rendezvous events and activities.
    3. Docking the boats....use VHF channel 68.
    4. Supervising the activities.
    5. Cooking the food.
  4. After the rendezvous you will need to write an article for the Pirates Log summarizing:
    1. The events that took place, weather, any problems encountered, etc.
    2. The number of boats and people attended.
    3. Winners of games and events.

ENJOY YOURSELVES AND THANKS FOR VOLUNTEERING, that is what makes it all work. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Squadron Rendezvous Committee found in the latest Roster.